Our Goal

To facilitate the full development of each child enrolled while helping each child to find his place as a contributing member of the group.  We believe that such development can occur only through the mature and caring modeling by teachers.  The teachers foster the children’s participation in maintaining their classroom and outdoor school environments.


The classrooms are family-structured, open classrooms, with children of varying ages who have freedom to move about, to make choices within the prepared environment, and to participate in conversations with their friends.  The Montessori teacher acts as a catalyst and a guide to the children, encouraging them to extend their natural curiosity by removing barriers to the child’s learning, and encouraging learning through exploration and manipulation.  The child is allowed to work without interruption and to repeat activities as long as his or her inner timetable dictates.  The teacher tries to be an astute observer of each child’s interests which may bespeak his “sensitive periods,” times when one or more areas of the curriculum may be of special interest and therefore easier to learn.  The children are shown, individually and in small groups, new activities relating to their interests and level of development, with the hope that each small success will motivate the child to progress to the next level of difficulty, thereby leading to an attitude of joy in learning.


Rules for the children and teachers reduce to the simple attitudes of being kind to one another and to the environment.  Teachers see their role as guides for each child’s development to full independence.  The children are respected as individuals and encouraged to make their own choices of constructive “work”, as in Montessori classes the child’s play is taken seriously as the work which will lead to the construction of the adult he or she will become.


The School makes every effort to encourage the children to become aware of themselves as caretakers for the planet earth and responsible members of the international family of mankind.  To this end, the children have lessons in “grace and courtesy”, along with their academic lessons.  The School stresses the need for a spirit of ecological and social responsibility and tries to model its philosophy as a caring community for children, parents, and faculty.

Mission Statement

To provide for the children a safe, comfortable and beautiful learning environment that excites the senses, challenges the mind and nurtures independence and self-confidence.

To provide for the parents a comfortable environment rife with information enabling them to enhance their knowledge of matters pertinent to their child’s education and development.

To provide for the staff a child-centered and resource rich environment that encourages continuing education and values creativity and pride.

What You Can Expect From Us

We will help your child become respectful

All aspects of our program model and exemplify the highest order of respect and thoughtfulness toward the child. Children are taught in a loving and positive climate. We teach social skills and problem solving as an important aspect of daily living.

We will help your child become responsible

We teach children how to do for themselves. The room is orderly, consistent and predictable for the young learner. Expectations are consistent with and adapted to the developmental ability of each unique child.

We will help your child become resourceful

Our Montessori environment nurtures the children’s ability to think and problem solve. We encourage creative and unique thinking. Most activities are open ended allowing for individual response. The openness of the environment encourages children to make associations and connections among the wide variety of materials at their command.

What We Expect From You

Your child to treat others with respect

Create a respectful environment in your home. Children are a reflection of what they live. Give lessons and prepare your children for different social events and challenges. Be loving, consistent and firm as you discipline your children.

Participate in the community life of the school

Connect to your classroom. Meet other parents at the social events and volunteer your energies and skills. Connect to the philosophy of Montessori. Attend the parent classes to understand this unique and time tested approach. Connect to the school community. Attend the adult and family activities we sponsor. Support the school with your energy, abilities and resources