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Our Programs

We strive to empower the children to believe in themselves and in their abilities to make a positive difference in the world they share by embodying the Montessori principle of "following the child". "Follow the Child" is a Montessori maxim for being sensitive to each child's developmental needs and timeline because children's curiosity interests them in different concepts at different points in their development.

INFANT (3 -18 months)

The Infrant Program is a nuturing environment structured to meet the developmental needs of the youngest of our children. It is carefully prepared to provide babies with engaging learning materials in a peaceful, yet stimulating setting, granting them the nutring they need while promoting independence.

TODDLER (18-36 months)

Toddlers are in a vital yet sensitive period for language and movement. We provide a home-like fully Montessori equipped environment with tools to teach language, counting, sorting, and allow them to discover the world around them. This is also a sensitive time to encourage the child to care for their own needs as well as the needs of the classroom.


Our early childhood program provides a unique learning experience that encourages both hands on learning in the Montessori setting as well as preparation for Kindergarten. Our students work on reading and writing along with practical life skills. 

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